Personal care products are a booming business, and in recent years, that industry growth has expanded to include men’s grooming products. At Arizona Natural Resources, we have decades of experience in manufacturing hair care, skin care, bath care, and specialty products, and the expertise to take your personal care product to the next level with our contract manufacturing services. Take advantage of our flexible and effective approach to manufacture your men’s grooming products.

The Rise of Beard Oils, Shaving Creams, Lathers, & More!

Men’s grooming options have generally been limited to a handful of unexciting options for shaving, aftershave, hair care, and skin care, with the variety and specialty products reserved for women. The world has changed, however, and men’s products are ready for their turn in the spotlight. In fact, market research indicates that by 2022, the market for men’s personal care products alone will reach $166 billion, and one recent survey noted that more than 56% of men in the U.S. who responded had used a cosmetic such as foundation or concealer. This flourishing segment of the personal care industry is an excellent area to expand into using our contract manufacturing services.

Tips for Manufacturing Men’s Grooming Products

Having a strong idea and bringing it to life can be daunting, but our team shares some tips below to make manufacturing personal care products easier:

  • Research: Know your market and ensure your product meets a need or solves a problem. Examine competing products and determine how yours stands out from them.
  • Prototyping: You think people will love your product—but are you sure? Before investing in full production, have people try a sample. Use their feedback to fine-tune your product.
  • Branding & Packaging: Your brand is what people associate with your products and company. Are you environmentally friendly? Trendy? Luxurious? Reflect that brand in high-quality packaging, remembering you only get one chance to make that first impression and catch a customer’s eye in this rapidly expanding market.
  • Launching: Finally, manufacture your product and get it out there!

Grooming Products for Men

While a single product may be your target, setting your sights on other products in the men’s grooming arena can open doors to growing your brand. Popular products include:

  • Beard oils, balms, and butters
  • Shaving creams and lathers
  • Aftershaves
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Body Washes

The Contract Manufacturing Process


The formulation process uses raw materials to create a product meeting your specific requirements.

Testing & Regulatory Checks

Personal care products are carefully regulated for safety and compliance, so testing and evaluation are key steps in meeting those requirements.

Packaging & Labeling

Attractive packaging, proper product dispensing and label design can be crucial to your success.

Contract Manufacturing

Once you’ve created your product, met regulatory requirements, and designed packaging and labeling, the time has come to produce it.  As a contract manufacturer, we offer companies unparalleled expertise, cost-savings, and superior customer service.


The final step of the process is getting your product into stores and out to customers.

Contract Manufacturing With Arizona Natural Resources

We are ready to assist with your contract manufacturing needs with a full range of services including:

Formulation Creation / Research & Development

We have decades of experience in creating personal care products and our R&D Lab is second to none. Our in-house scientists are prepared to create your product using traditional, natural, organic, and cutting-edge ingredients to create the consistency and texture you desire.


The appearance and functionality of your packaging and labeling is nearly as important as the product itself. We will work with you to select suitable packaging that best matches your product specifications.

At Arizona Natural Resources, we’re eager to take your men’s grooming products from concept to customers’ hands. With our long-standing commitment to quality and integrity, we stand ready to meet or exceed your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your contract manufacturing needs.