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Product Testing

In R&D, we work with customers to take their ideas/concepts and turn them into products. We strive to achieve an aesthetically pleasing product for the customer; however, our job does not end there. The following article gives a snapshot of the different testing that the customer may need to carry out before a formula is ready to go into full production.

Mike Slayton – ANR Senior Chemist

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Creams, lotions, shampoos, oils, foaming products, thick products, contract manufacturing and filling companies must accommodate a wide variety of variables. At Arizona Natural Resources we worked directly with the equipment manufacturer to develop filler controls that allow any product to be filled as quickly as possible with an accuracy of .5 % bottle to bottle. These controls also reduce spills, overfills, and rejects, which in turn allow us to share our labor savings with our customers.

Michael Morrison – ANR Plant Engineering

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Hot Fills

Contract manufacturing and filling has seen an increase in the need for “hot fills” for pomades, waxes, and deodorants. To meet this need, we at Arizona Natural Resources have developed equipment and techniques that can fill jars, ovals, and even tubes. The product is transferred directly from the batching tanks to the fillers where it is filled to an accuracy of a gram or two.

Michael Morrison – ANR Plant Engineering

Personal Care Products

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ANR Commitment to Quality

Arizona Natural Resources commitment to quality assures that we  provide products that meet or exceed customer expectations. Our  team is dedicated to providing Outstanding customer service.

ANR maintains an FDA compliant facility with Standard Operating  Procedures (SOPs), Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs),  TTB / ATF registration & permits.

Since 1972, honesty & integrity have been the cornerstone of ANR’s  success. We understand that the quality of our products is not only a  reflection of our company, but also of our valued customers. That is  why quality is the focus and responsibility of every employee at  ANR.

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ANR Simple Beginnings

Simple Beginnings –
A Jar of Mud from the Sonoran Desert
Founded in 1972 by George F. Dembow, Jr., ANR was launched with a product that came bubbling out of the ground: Down To Earth Mineral Mud Mask…
This mud had been used for thousands of years by the Yavapai Indians in Arizona for its beautification and skin “tightening” properties – George thought it would be fabulous to share this small miracle! A short time later, other natural products, such as a Cactus Moisturizer and Shampoo, were introduced into the Down to Earth line.
In the mid-1970s, we expanded into manufacturing private label treatment cosmetics & toiletries for the department store trade. By the end of the decade, we were producing private label personal care products for 80% of department stores in the U.S. carrying private label programs.
During the 1980s, we purchased “Living Nail” Nail Hardener from Bendyne Ltd (sold in 2000), and started servicing the hotel amenities industry, manufacturing small bottles of personal care products given to hotel guests. We also broadened into personal care contract manufacturing and private label candles. We purchased Crystal Candles Corporation and began producing its signature products: Lord Byron’s™ Smoker’s Odor Eliminating Candle, Pet Odor Eliminating Candle, & Scentual Pleasures™ aromatherapy candles.

Today Since the mid-1990s, there’s been a shift in the personal care industry from a private label emphasis to the need for innovative, cutting-edge technologies. Most beauty marketers now desire custom, unique formulations in a world full of “Me Too” products. So we changed our focus and built up our R&D Laboratory to accommodate this direction.
Arizona Natural Resources, Inc. is proud to continue its family-owned tradition. We are the leading innovative developer & contract manufacturer of Skin & Hair Care products.

Currently, we manufacture for many prestigious companies throughout the United States, including Fortune 500 companies, mass marketers, department stores, health specialty stores, direct marketers, spas, resorts, and others.
For over 40 years, it has been our primary goal to be at the forefront of our field by following these simple principles: Quality, Service, Value, Honesty, & Innovation.

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