Makeup products used to be the solution for everything when it came to the face. Today, the skincare industry is on the rise especially in the form of facial cosmetics. Consumers, instead of looking for products that will mask their face, are looking for products that will maintain healthy skin on their face.

Most facial beauty products today focus on taking care of the face in the form of:

  • Covering blemishes
  • Adding glow
  • Anti-aging
  • Using other beneficial ingredients

It all started in 2007, when BB Cream was launched. BB Cream innovated facial cosmetics to be a product more than just makeup. Data from Information Resources Inc. show that sales in facial cosmetics rose 5.9% since then. A significant $2.1 billion increase.

Sales are increasing in facial beauty products because of improvements in formulations of:

  • Foundations
  • Powders
  • Primers
  • And other products

In fact, sales of facial cosmetics in combinations with makeup rose 7.9%, which is a staggering $59 million. Sales of facial cosmetics in combination with body accessories rose 51.2%, which is $159.7 million.

There is also an influx of money coming into facial cosmetics for athletics. They are known as athleisure products and are becoming an essential for athletic activities. To back it up, data shows the following:

  • Increase of 17% in concealer sales
  • Increase of 7% in powder sales
  • Increase of 11% in prestige makeup sales
  • Increase of 8% in foundation sales
  • Increase of 13% in longwear foundation sales

The barriers of entry in the facial cosmetics industry can be considered very low with so much demand from consumers seeking self-beauty throughout the day. The door for new facial cosmetic products are open as long as they are products that serve consumers seeking beauty products for their active lives and working out.

As Ginger King, president of Grace Kingdom Beauty stated, “Anything edible and sustainable will have a place in cosmetics. Additionally, due to retailers like Sephora, anything helps with social impact such as offering jobs to the community when you use certain ingredients will be an important factor. In fact, this was how argan oil got traction in the cosmetic industry.”