Why should I choose ANR as my partner for innovative product development & contract manufacturing?

We are a full-service contract manufacturer of skin & hair care products with an exceptional reputation & extensive experience. In our fifth decade of business, we pride ourselves on unsurpassed quality, integrity, reliability, flexibility, and dedication to customer service. For manufacturing “done right” and with “best practices”, ANR is the right choice.

Who do you manufacture products for?

We currently develop & manufacture products for many prestigious companies throughout the United States, including Fortune 500 companies, mass marketers, department stores, health specialty stores, direct marketers, spas, resorts, and others. Our products are distributed internationally in Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico & elsewhere.

What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

Our minimum order requirement for personal care products is generally 5,000 units per item. This is only a guideline – minimums for each specific item are tied to batch size, filling requirements, and packaging (size & type).

What formulas/products can you develop & manufacture?

We can create & produce a wide variety of personal care, skincare & hair care products, household products & pet grooming formulas. Please refer to our “Products” section for an in-depth list of our capabilities. If you have a concept for a new product, let us know and we’ll advise if we can develop it for you.

Can you develop & manufacture organic cosmetic products?

Due to current limitations with certified organic ingredients and suppliers, we no longer offer USDA Certified Organic products. However, we can develop and manufacture natural formulas that comply with a variety of standards & certifications.

What is the cost for your Research & Development lab to create a formula for me?

Our R&D laboratory fees vary from project to project, as the costs are dependent upon the scope of work and ingredient requirements. We can provide you with pricing information upon evaluation of your specific project.

Do your Research & Development fees cover the cost of product testing?

Formula testing involves additional costs beyond our R&D laboratory fees. We can provide you with pricing details based on your specific testing needs (Stability Testing, Preservative Effectiveness Testing, Safety Testing, Product Claims Testing, etc.).

What is the approximate timeframe for developing a product?

Product development timelines vary based on the scope of work, number of redirects, testing requirements, etc. We can provide you with a timing estimate once we know the details of your particular project.

How quickly can you turn around a production order?

Approximately 8-10 weeks from formula approval & purchase order receipt.

* This is a general guideline – actual lead times depend on the arrival of raw materials and packaging.

Can you help me with my product labeling?

All cosmetic & personal care products that are intended for retail sale in the US are required by the Food and Drug Administration and the Personal Care Products Council (formerly the CTFA) to have certain information displayed on the packaging. We are fully knowledgeable of these regulations and can review your packaging & artwork for compliance.

Can you provide packaging for my products?

We generally recommend that you provide your own packaging. However, we can work with you to provide packaging if necessary. If you’ll be supplying your own packaging, we require samples for review by our production team to ensure compatibility with our filling equipment.

Do you have non-disclosure agreements with your customers?

Yes, we have non-disclosure agreements in place with most of our clients. We can extend the same courtesy to you if desired.