Arizona Natural Resources, Inc. (ANR) was founded in 1972 and launched with a single product: Down to Earth Mineral Mud Mask. Over the years, we’ve expanded our research and development along with the manufacturing operations to encompass a broad range of skin, hair, and other personal care and beauty products. The products we have developed and manufactured can found on the shelves of prestigious companies across the country, from Fortune 500 groups to new start up Indy brands.  Equipped with nearly five decades of research and development experience in the personal care industry, ANR has the knowledge and skill to manufacture quality personal care products utilizing formulations with a vast array of ingredients, including but not limited to natural and certified organic ingredients.

ANR Is Equipped to Work with Your Formulations for Your  Personal Care, Cosmetics and Skincare Manufacturingorganic ingredients for cosmetic formulations

Our R&D laboratory is up-to-date in formulating with groundbreaking ingredients which can include natural and organic ingredients.  Most companies desire the use of natural or organic ingredients be incorporated in their product formulas to help promote or highlight the product’s performance and consumer appeal.  From a branding perspective, having groundbreaking ingredients or new product textures is a great way to build a compelling storyline for your products and remain relevant in the modern marketplace.

Our on-site chemists and scientists have an in-depth knowledge of the raw ingredients involved in the manufacturing of each product. These experts understand the different combinations of ingredients that affect the product and ensure each one is high quality, cost-effective, and works well with the other ingredients.

We are armed with years of experience to help you select the ingredients that are advantageous for development of your products. We have the ability to source, provide and incorporate these ingredients into any face, body, hair or bath care products that you desire. If you have a preferred source, we’ll gladly work with you to acquire the ingredients chosen or have you provide the ingredients with the appropriate documentation.

Solutions for Personal Care Products from Arizona Natural Resources

Contract manufacturing is an ideal method for bringing personal care products such as skin and hair care products to market.  For over five decades, ANR has served the cosmetic and personal care industries by providing this service to numerous clients. Our clientele range from Fortune 500 groups to new start up Indy brands and anywhere in between.  All of our clientele benefit from the consistency, reliability and precise quality standards we provide as an industry-leading contract manufacturer.  At ANR, we pride ourselves on fulfilling unparalleled expertise, cost-savings and superior customer service, all while allowing our clientele to remain in control of their product’s design.

Partner With Arizona Natural Resources

Our thorough research of current trends in the marketplace points to incorporating ground-breaking ingredients into formulations or creating new product textures as the most popular and effective way to develop and manufacture personal care products. To learn more about our product capabilities or start your order, contact us today.

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