Arizona Natural Resources is a knowledgeable manufacturer of personal care products utilizing natural and certified organic ingredients in our formulations.
Our R&D laboratory is up-to-date on cutting edge natural & organic ingredients and  can formulate products using  these ingredients.   Most companies require that natural or organic ingredients  be incorporated in their product formulas to help boost or accent the product’s performance and consumer appeal.  It’s also a great way to build a compelling story line for your products  and stand out from your competition. 

Because we are very knowledgeable with the features and benefits of these types of ingredients, we can help you select those that are appropriate for use in your products.  We have the ability to incorporate these natural and organic ingredients into any face, body, hair or bath care products that you desire.  We can source and provide these ingredients or if you have a preferred source, you can provide these ingredients.

We have found based on current trends, in the marketplace, incorporating such ingredients into formulations the most popular and more effective way to develop and manufacture personal care products versus “Certified Organic” products which can have many formulation limitations.

To help you to understand a few of the complicated aspects of “Certified USDA Organic” Health & Beauty products, please click on the following link:

For further information on certified organic beauty products, please visit our Industry Links page.