Do you want to start your own personal care line of skin, hair or bath care products but you’re not sure whether private label or contract manufacturing is right for you?  Maybe you don’t know the difference between these two services?  There is a significant difference in the amount of time and resources it will take for each of these options.  Below are some of the features and benefits of each service.  See which service may be a better fit for you:


Private label manufacturing is a service that is better suited for companies with a smaller budget or need a quicker turnaround time.  With private labeling, you get to select products from a manufacturer’s existing formulations, put your own label and logo onto them and you’re ready to go!  This is the quickest and easiest way to get products to the market.  The advantage of this is that the product formulas should already have undergone stability and micro testing which can be costly and time consuming. The downside of this service is that you cannot make any changes to the formulas.  They must remain as originally formulated and tested otherwise they should be treated as a new formula, even if it’s just changing the fragrance, as any modifications can affect the stability of the formulations.

Some of the companies which may be best suited for private label manufacturing are, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, estheticians, salons, spas, retail stores and specialty stores.

anrcontractmanufactingContract manufacturing is a service that is better suited for companies that have the resources, time and expertise to have completely custom products made for them.  Although the manufacturing laboratory, you select, should have knowledgeable chemists on staff, it’s really up to each companies own vision and desires that will differ and allow them to create their own unique product line, focusing on their star performance ingredients and formulation desirables.  Each product will be custom manufactured to their specific needs and to get a custom formula created, that meets with certain specifications, can take time and effort to create.  Before any product is brought to market, a smaller pilot batch is recommended to be manufactured for use for PET (Preservative Effective Test) & 90-day stability testing to ensure the products are bacteria-free and have a 2 year shelf life.  After formulations have passed recommended testing the actual production run is manufactured, so you can see where this option is more time consuming and requires a larger investment.

Some of the companies that may be best suited for contract manufacturing are, any company with a unique idea, larger retail stores, existing nationally or internationally known brands, a company wanting completely custom formulations, a company that is already making their own products and is seeking to expand their line of products, and companies that may have done private label on the past and are now ready to start a new venture with the creation of their own custom brand line of products.

Liz Tudrej Arizona Natural Resources Account Executive