From research and development to manufacturing and custom packaging, Arizona Natural Resources offers a full line of contract manufacturing services for your personal care, pet care, and cleaning products. As part of the product development process, we work with you and your packaging options to help identify the best option for your specific products. We can also share our experience with packaging.

Bottles, Jars, Tubes, & Other Packaging Solutions

Deciding on bottles, jars, and other packaging options isn’t an easy task. The container needs to be attractive and functional, while providing easy access to the product without risk of leaking. To decide on the best packaging option, it’s important to ask the following questions:

  • Will the packaging material damage the product inside?
  • Will certain ingredients in the product be compatible with the packaging material?
  • Does the product need to be protected from sunlight?
  • Does your Label or package decoration  meet regulations?
  • Will the packaging survive shipping or will you need transit testing?
  • Will the customer be able to use all the product, or will there be some left in the container at the end with no way to access it?
  • Is the packaging easy to hold and open, considering what the customer will use the product for? (For example: a glass shampoo bottle is not a great idea, since it could easily slip out of someone’s wet hands and break.)

There are multiple materials used for packaging, each of which offers unique features that make them suitable for various applications. Some of these materials include:

  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This material is durable, recyclable, and comes with a variety of shape, size, and closure options. It is capable of withstanding temperatures between -50C to 60C, and it is resistant to moisture and most chemicals, making it a popular choice for cleaning product and cosmetic packaging. However, it’s not an ideal choice for essential oils and products that contain them.
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic (PET). This material is durable, recyclable, and can withstand temperatures between -60C to 130C.  . It can be a clear material, lightweight, low gas permeability, enabling consumers to see the product through the packaging, and it comes in a variety of colors.
  • Glass is an inert and recyclable material with a luxe aesthetic. It’s more expensive to ship as it is heavier than plastic packaging options, and it may break when dropped. Glass is a popular choice for essential oils.
  • Polypropylene Plastic (PP). This recyclable and BPA-free material is great for squeezable and twist-up tubes, such as deodorant containers.

Packaging Services at Arizona Natural Resources

Packaging is one of the most important elements in the marketability of your product line. Not only are the right container and graphics critical in terms of visual appeal, brand identification, and innovation, but it’s also important to choose packaging components that are compatible with a particular formula and can be filled efficiently; therefore, we strongly recommend compatibility testing.

Because the items we manufacture are unique to each of our customers, we do not stock any packaging. You have the option to provide us with components, or you can advise what specific containers are of interest and we can acquire them for you.

We currently have the capability to fill tubes, bottles, jars, and airless pumps made of whatever material is right for your products, but all components require review by our production team to ensure suitability with our manufacturing equipment.

Arizona Natural Resources for Your Packaging Needs

Arizona Natural Resources has nearly 50 years of experience in providing high quality custom packaging. We’re a family owned company that works with many large brick & mortar stores, Fortune 500 companies, Beauty Brands, Indy Brands and mid-cap companies.  With any questions or to get started on your packaging solutions, contact us today.



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