Research and Development

At Arizona Natural Resources, we are proud to be leaders in the development and manufacture of personal care products since 1972. Our family-owned business focuses on providing exceptional service and quality products—in fact, we specialize in contract manufacturing for Hair Care, Skin Care and Body Care products.  Working with a contractor saves you money and ensures your products are consistently high quality. With our experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment, plus attentive focus on research and development, we can help bring your products to market, meeting the premium standard our customers have come to expect.

Product Research, Formulation, & Development at Arizona Natural Resources

We’re experienced in all facets of product research, the formulation of complex products, technology transfer issues, formula cost reduction, replicating established formulas, and offering innovative products at a great value.

At ANR, we know that innovation doesn’t just mean coming up with new formulas… It’s a company-wide mindset that encompasses researching the latest ingredients & technologies, adapting batching & filling methods to accommodate new product forms & functions, and sourcing unique packaging options.

By formulating your own products, you’ll become more competitive as you rapidly adjust to trends, customer needs, and changing regulations. Here are a few steps that go into the research and development process for successful products:

  • Marketing brief: We start with receiving your formulation brief or helping you create a formula brief that can be passed on to our R&D team.
  • Formulation: Once the premise of the product has been created, research and development teams design the product.
  • Materials and packaging sourcing: Depending on budgetary requirements, the appropriate packaging suppliers are chosen for the product.
  • Quality: From Batching through the Filling process there are quality checks performed.
  • Final product: Finally, the product goes through one last round of testing before it’s released to the customer.

At ANR, our on-site chemists and scientists have an in-depth knowledge of the raw ingredients involved in the manufacturing of each product. These experts understand the different combinations of ingredients that affect the product and ensure each one is high quality, cost-effective, and works well with the other ingredients.

What are the Essentials of Product Testing

There is a wide range of tests completed once a formula has been developed and approved.  Here are a few essential testing protocols:

  • Package compatibility for cosmetics: This testing runs from one to three months and ensures the packaging has no impact on the product.
  • Product Stability for cosmetics: This testing runs for 90 days at room and elevated temperatures to predict product stability.
  • Preservative Effectiveness Testing (PET): Whether from fingers dipped into a jar or products being exposed to air, most products will be exposed to microorganisms. Preservative Effectiveness Testing ensures the preservative in the formula is equipped to kill microbes introduced to the product.

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At Arizona Natural Resources, we are proud to provide all necessary research and design equipment to fulfill your contract manufacturing needs. Our experts are always standing by to help you create the highest quality products. For more information about our cosmetic research and development, contact us today.


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